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New measurement

Υour IP address ( is not registered by your ISP in the HYPERION database. Your measurement results shall not be stored. In case you are a subscriber of a Greek ISP, please report the problem to your ISP or to EETT.


The locations and technical features of the broadband connections have been provided by the service users themselves, who are entirely and exclusively liable for their accuracy. The speed resulting from the measurement as the final speed of the connection is also affected by a series of factors, such as the quality of cables, connections and equipment or electromagnetic interference.

Useful Information

  1. Your measurements are only recorded and projected on the map once you have registered with the system and conducted at least three (3) measurements. As registered users you have access to the records of your measurements and to statistical breakdowns.
  2. The use of a computer that can be directly connected by cable (Ethernet) to your broadband connection’s modem/router is recommended. Using a wireless network (WiFi) may restrict connection performance.
  3. Before starting to measure, ensure that your broadband connection is not being used by any other software, computer or other type of appliance in your local network (e.g. pay-TV decoders, security cameras, torrents). Network traffic from other data transmission sources may reduce measurement accuracy.
  4. HYPERION uses the M-Lab measuring system, which automatically allocates each measurement to the nearest available server. When all the servers in the country are busy with other users’ connection measurements, it is possible that your measurement may be conducted by a server in another country. In that case, for registered users the measurement results will not be included in the statistics produced by HYPERION.
More detailed information is available on the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) website.